Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hudson's Birthday Party!

Happy Birthday to our little Monkey!

Jase and Paisley playing on one of the many slides

Looking at his new toy from Aunt Lynnie and Uncle David.

Cute new toolbox from Aunt CAC

Me, Aunt CAC, and Jay

April, Mason, Me, and Hudson. As you can tell from the picture, Hudson wanted nothing to do with this picture! He wanted to get back to playing!

Singing Happy Birthday to Hudson!

Favors for all the kids to take home.

My cute centerpieces that Aunt CAC made.

All the kids got a lollipop to take home!

Jase's side of the room. Happy Birthday Jase!

So, these cookies I ordered were to be monkey's and

bananas, well they didn't quite turn out like I had wished, but oh well!

They kinda look like a starfish!!

The banner I made for Hudson.

Today we celebrated Hudson's 2nd Birthday at Monkey's Treehouse. It was a perfect place for a 2 year old, I highly recommend it! My friend Melissa and I had a combined b-day for our two sons. They are the same age and love playing together.


The Claunch Family said...

So cute, I wish we could have been there. Tell Hudson he can expect his present this week!

Tiffany Ann said...

So Cute, looks like fun!

Deana said...

It looked like you guys had a blast!!! Love the banner you made!!!! (You should do those :-) or if you do and I don't know sorry--
Happy birthday to Hudson!!!

April Kay said...

Aww, it was the most fun! Mason's first b-day party!! And he even had little friends there his age to play with! :) I stole some of your pics for my Facebook page since I didn't take many of all the decorations and stuff. Love you!

April Kay said...

Happy Birthday TODAY to Hudson! :)