Tuesday, December 2, 2008

O Christmas Tree!

My family

Wreath on screened in porch

On Monday, my friend Carole Anne came over and helped me decorate my house for Christmas. We had a lot of fun until the Christmas tree decided to fall out of it's stand. That was not so much fun. We spent what seems like forever trying to get it back in its stand, we finally had help from my great neighbors and were able to adjust it. We just needed a man's touch! ha ha!


The Claunch Family said...

It looks great, I have that same bow on top of my tree! If it makes you feel any better, my tree is leaning like crazy. Michael and I are nervous wrecks we're going to hear a big crash during the night!

Deana said...

Oh my gosh- you guys are so talented! I am going to post a pic of my tree and it will not hold a candle to yours or Rebecca's- You guys need to come and re decorate my house :-)

andreabrosto said...

I love your tree!! You all did such a great job!!! I need a big fat bow on the top of my tree like that!

Blessed said...

LOVE IT ALL! So cute!

Did you do the wreath yourself? I love it!