Saturday, March 21, 2009

Celebrating Ryan's B-day in Puerto Rico

Enjoying our last day
I had to play some too!

Ryan playing a pick up game of basketball with some of the locals.
None of them spoke English, but he did teach them the word "buckets" and
his team won!

Ryan showing off his B-ball skills

Going out on the ferry boat to the resorts private island.

Eating some Puerto Rican cuisine.

Ryan decided to buy the ugliest tourist shirt and thought
he would be cute and wear it everywhere. I think he payed like $5 for it.
The funny thing is, he actually got a compliment on it from someone and wanted to know where he got it!!

Happy Birthday Dinner!!

Enjoying my book.

This year Ryan turned the big 3-0! In order to celebrate, we decided to take a trip to Puerto Rico to celebrate. It was the first time either of us had left Hudson for more than one night, so we (more like I) were very nervous. Of course he did great at Cece and Big Daddy's house and didn't get spoiled at all. Ha! Ha! . We had a great trip except for the fact that I came down with Hudson's stomach bug the second day we were there. Luckily, I just layed under an umbrella at the pool/beach and got to read my "Stori Telling" book that I had been dying to read! It was very enlightening by the way. Definitely a good beach book.

Here's some pics of our trip.


The Roper's said...


Deana said...

OH wow!! We so need a vacation!! And not the ones we have planned this year b/c in my mind having to drive 9-10 hours sleep in cramped quarters with the in-laws do crazy wedding stuff then drive home is really not a vacation-- Thanks for posting pics so I can go beg and plead for a great vacation this year!!!! Glad you guys had fun!!!

Pauliwog said...

Looks like an AMAZING vacation! I am so glad that you were able to take some time together away from the stresses of life...and glad that you finally got to read your book! lol! :)

Tiffany Ann said...

oh what fun!
just read your comment to me and it made me laugh!!

Patty Cake Press said...

OMG...did you know Tori has a new book out???