Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas 2009

Walking in to see what Santa left for him.

Checking to see that the milk and cookies were gone and Santa even
left him a note!

Modeling his new watch, hat, and slippers!


Deana said...

Love the pics of your dog!!! Can you tell me where you got the red ribbon looking stuff on your tree?? I need to get some for next year for a tree our mother's group is decorating- THanks!!!

April Kay said...

Oh my, Mason would LOVE that tool table station thang! He got a kitchen and loves pilferin' in it for hours straight! I could see him and Hudson so busy with all those tools! We miss y'all! We need to meet up in White House soon at Cracker Barrel! Just tell us a night!

Blessed said...

Cute pictures, Melia! Hudson is a cutie!