Wednesday, February 3, 2010

1st Dentist Visit!

Well, Hudson had his first visit to the dentist and it went GREAT! We are so lucky that our good friend, "Mr. Brandon" is a dentist so that made the visit so much easier. His wife, Ashley, is also one of his dental hygienist, so Hudson felt so comfortable and didn't even cry at all, which if you know my child, you would understand my concern. He sat like a big boy the whole time watching cartoons and even got to pick a prize at the end. Now, he is totally obsessed with brushing his teeth all the time, even when getting up from naps. We went to Walgreens today and instead of the toy section, he went straight to the toothbrush aisle and wanted every tube of toothpaste and toothbrush that Walgreens had to offer! I guess I shouldn't complain!


Blessed said...

Yay, Hudson! Cute pictures! We are going for the first time in a few weeks. I am a little nervous!!!!

Stacey said...

Way o go Hudson! I am dreading the day we go to the dentist!

hannah said...

okay. this is going to be a crazy, crazy comment...BUT, i can't resist.

i found your blog because i'm trying to decorate my unborn son's nursery. and i came to your blog from holly mathis interiors. i LOVE all your fabrics!!

anyway, i click on your blog and up pops "dr. brandon"! who went to dental school with my husband, clint!!! we live in benton, arkansas. where brandon comes on some fridays to work in another dentist office. derek marks. anyway, SMALL, SMALL world!

again, loved your nursery. please tell brandon that hannah and clint fulks said hello :)

oh, and hudson is adorable!

Doris said...

Well, I guess many good things did happen after Hudson's first dentist visit. It's kinda surprising that he suddenly liked taking care of his teeth. A few years from now, I can imagine him flashing a perfectly good smile.

Doris Pender

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Susan Horby said...

Great firststart. That worked out really well for Hudson and mum. I think it helped that he knew the hygienist and doctor. Even with that Hudson was a brave little soldier. Mum and dad should be proud. And then to skip the toy section for tooth paste and brush - that's a wow!